Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I can see clearly now

Last night my younger sister adds a few features on my blog since I’m not IT savvy. I do not know what she did because my old post suddenly becomes my latest post. So it is appropriate to write about the fate that befallen that tomato plant.
Last few days i was very busy, today i take a day off to relax which I’m unable to do after I’ve seen how badly my tomato plant was affected by mealy bug. I pull out the badly affected plant and remove the affected leaves.
I notice  many ripe tomatoes ready  for plucking since nobody pluck the tomato until i took the photo after i complaining to my father.
So today is the first time so many ripe tomatoes posing for a photo.


  1. Yummy looking tomatoes! I can't wait to plant mine :)

  2. I heard in Europe it still has heavy frost:-)
    Yes , freshly picked tomatoes are yummy

  3. Assalaam Wan... sharing a useful tip from my MIL...she told me when her plants are infested by mealy bugs...dia bancuh sabun basuh pinggan dgn air ...n sembur ...atau renjis2kan ....kills them off... errrmmm ada gak dengar orang campurkn sedikit vinegar...try it....